Recess-mounted teletechnical box with perforation

Recess mounted teletechnical box with perforation- SK-TEL-WN-PER



- Perforated galvanized mounting plate with patch panel with the possibility of disassembly
- Patch field equipment:
- 1x cut-out for 230V (M45) power socket
- 8x cutout for the keystone module socket (universal, can be used for RJ45, USB, HDMI, Simplex, TV)
- 4x notch for Simplex socket (optical fiber)
- 4x cut-out for the TV socket
- Lockable perforated doors
- Universal door left / right with quick assembly hinges
- Housing with back wall
- Flange (frame) adjustable, can be removed
- Material: sheet steel
- Color: RAL 9003, smooth powder coating
- Degree of protection: IP 30
- Certified product


Height: 325 mm
Width: 320 mm
Depth: 100 mm
Case weight: 2.50 kg

Collar dimensions:

Height: 360 mm
Width: 350 mm